Socialistik Office-Day-Out!

YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! Socialistik just had their first Office-Day-Out! How cool is thaaat 😎 *Don’t deny, you wish you were working here right 😜 OUR SUPER-FUN ITINERARY!  11am: Activity 1 – Laser Tag @ Galactic Laser 🔫           … Read More

KAMIDEA in Halfest Giant 2018

  Photo credit: Halfest Malaysia Have you heard or went to any Halal food festival? One of the most anticipated event was Halfest Giant 2018, it is the largest Halal consumer expo in Malaysia. This year Halfest Giant was held … Read More

Colors and How It Affects Mood

Believe it or not, our life has very much influenced by colors. As I work in the social media agency, color and its’ role plays an important part as to how we portray our clients’ brand across the various social … Read More