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The name is Nora, I’m the new (well about 5 months now) content writer for Socialistik.

I knowww, the blog has been a bit ‘dusty’ but the past few months have been very busy for me hehe but hey we are back in town!

So ya have you heard of the 7G issue? Nope, not your cellphone line! It’s about the instafamous twin, Ieka and Iera. 7G is the total grade of their mid-term result.

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A screenshot of their result slip has been circulated on the internet.

cb91Credit photo: 7G Result

Yes, people were shocked; one not just because of the what’s on the paper but because things that has been said. This is the stuff that we are about to talk about today.

I can’t remember the exact word of things that they say during the live streaming on Instagram Story but .. it was something like ‘tho we look stup*d with the 7G result but we make money more than the haters’.

You may ask why so? Well, it is true. They are only 17 years old but claimed to make money almost RM 12k a month from the ‘paid review’ they did for online sellers. WOW JUST WOW.  12k is a lot of money to compare with an average fresh grads salary.

One Twitter user even had a calculation made just to show the relative income the twin made monthly.


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Apart from that, the netizens were all heat up when one of the twin, badmouthing the school and teachers during Instagram live streaming. Most were very disappointed and worried for the future generation if such acts someday might becoming a norm.

Yes, in this modern world with lots and lots of opportunities, there are so many ways a person can make money. You can go with the conventional way which is getting a diploma or degree then get a job and start saving some money for future investment for houses or marriage.


You can start making making money with yourself by manipulating the social media platforms. Why I use the word manipulating? Simple example, let’s take King Coco. Most Malaysians would know who she is. Once she went viral because of the mat saleh slang with self-proclaimed mix blood girl, the obscene videos and the sudden marriage (she’s the second wife).

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Yes, being a smart girl she used the sudden fame by manipulating her Instagram media platform. How? Thanks to the hundred thousand of followers, she started doing review, getting invites to numerous events and making money with that. Easy and quick money.

Same thing goes to these twin girls, for them the mindset is there is no point of getting good grades in school if you will end up struggling with future. Just be sure to look presentable and wa-lah combining with the media popularity you will easily gain money without even have to leave the house. And you will also get a lots of free stuff!

So do you think is it safe to say that these days, the popularity in social media platforms plays a vital role in determining one’s success? Success as in no more hassles for you to burn the midnight oil for a good exam result? Then compete with others for a decent job?

Again, for me with the rapid growth of technology, it might always appear to be important but again also you have to keep in mind that you can use it to enhance your life but not until it takes over your future and life. Be smart.

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