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Photo credit: Halfest Malaysia

Have you heard or went to any Halal food festival? One of the most anticipated event was Halfest Giant 2018, it is the largest Halal consumer expo in Malaysia. This year Halfest Giant was held for 5 days from 26-30 September 2018 at Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC).


That’s us, the KAMIDEA team! Our first ‘groufie’ photo inside the MIECC!

We arrived, registered and got ourselves a goody bag! (Extra paper bag and a can of condensed milk, hey I can make more milo drinks now, hehe)


Our boss with her susu pekat, hihi ^.^

Last Friday on 27 Sept, the whole team went to MIECC (cause all of us LOVE FOOD that much). Everyone agreed to wear black (cause we’re cool liddat), hehe purposely to make us look more uniform as a team. So since it’s Friday the route was 2x congested, we arrived before 2 and had our lunch inside the exhibition centre.

First thing first is to have our lunch, and nearby the food truck we saw Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms booth! My favourite snacks! Uncle Saba’s Poppadomsssss, have you tried before? Wish I could have all to myself! My favourite flavour will always be sweet chilli, you can taste the sweetness and little bit of spiceness. HAWT HAWT!



Wow, it was huge and there were tons of other exhibitors that participated which was not limited to only food vendors but also other products such as perfumes, pillows and yeah even a live cooking show. Guess who was the celebrity chef? No wonder we could smell all the good stuff the moment we stepped inside the place. It was Jaafar Onn, being a 90s baby you should probably know who he is. He was an actor, also a comedian in a popular teen drama series called ‘Cili Padi’, I bet you have at least watch 1 of the episode.


Oh ya, we had our lunch inside the place there are quite a number of food trucks vendor, you could choose to have nasi campur, nasi ayam even laksa and mee sup kedah (which was ze bomb). Chef Jaafar Onn was on the stage at the same time we were having lunch, he was cooking, talking and singing at the same, awesome haa? One hand holding a spatula another with a microphone.


A colleague, lunch meal – Nasi minyak with ayam percik, marvellous!

At the same, there were 3 people in a pillow costume looking cute walking around announcing ‘FREE PILOW AT 3.30, GET READY IN FRONT OF THE STAGE’. Yeap, they were giving away free pillows to the crowd, it was not just a pillow the brand was Bantal LEYNA by FLENAZ. 


Photo Credit: Halfest Giant Instagram

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff? I know I do! But then yeap … I don’t lose the pillow battle, I let other people win, eheh. Moving on from that, we split into 2 groups start jalan-jalan around to spend more money lol. I did bought few frozen products from Ayamas, it was the at the cheapest price you could ever get (confirmed by my mom, the unofficial Ayamas officer). They Ayamas akak was so nice that she even gave me Ayamas goody bag, what’s inside? A cute little notebook with little pen, cute! (ya I’m that easy to be amused) xD

Most exciting things to do in a food convention obviously is to do the FOOD TASTING and pretend that you are a FOOD CRITIC, HA HA. Everything from instant curry to a flavourful kuih pau and have you tried kuih peria? Ya, they made a ‘supposedly’ edible bitter gout now, turn it into something like kuih raya. Butttt still can taste the bitterness, if you love veges (i’m not) then you would love this new kuih flavour.

In case you missed the party, here are some of the booths that were part of the Halfest Giant 2018 event!

Photo Credit: Halfest Giant Instagram

So as you know how Friday is, we were racing the time to be back in the office in time. But before anything, you gotta to end a good day with a little bit of sweetness. So for me, I had my McD McFlurry just in time before we jumped into our Grab car!

Yeap, that’s pretty much my experience with the team. I really enjoyed it, love every bit of the day!

Tell you what, if you have yet to attend these type of convention please do so, take your family and friends together!

Signing off for now, we’ll catch up later~


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