Socialistik Office-Day-Out!


Socialistik just had their first Office-Day-Out! How cool is thaaat 😎 *Don’t deny, you wish you were working here right 😜


11am: Activity 1 – Laser Tag @ Galactic Laser 🔫
          12pm: Activity 2 – Lunch @ Bonding Time with team 🍱
             2pm: Activity 3 – Mission Q a.k.a Escape Room 👻☠💀

Our call time is set at 10.30am at Sunway Pyramid but due to Malaysian timing everyone arrived slightly later.

First activity from the list, LASER TAG!! 🔫 bangbang

Guess who had the highest hits here? 😲

Some smiling selfies before we head off to the battlefield and shoot each other whilst burning a good amount of calories in the system!😅

Everyone set with lightweight clothes and comfy shoes? Well then, let’s head on over to the dark battleground with phasers and move in stealth mode👽. We divided into 2 teams and played 3 missions. The first mission was between our colleague where most of us newbies learned how intimidating it can get when the game begins! It was spooky at first then you’d get a hang on it.

The second mission was interesting because our team will be going into battle with a group of pre-teens boys! They are pros I tell ya! They shoot right on target and understood the battle maze very well. It was a good game right there with them.

On our third and last mission, we are faced with another team that has their game plan seemed constructed where they’d attack in groups of two’s for the unfortunate little lamb (one of us well, me., maybe Junee too 🤫). Overall, we’ve got to hand it to our bosses Hanis and Ida for being the best laser tag players from the first mission! #FindThemDuringApocalypse #OrThe AwakeOfZombies

We took a breather from the on going 3 missions by filling up our tummy at Seoul Garden 🥘🍽️

 Rounds of energetic/sweaty people ready to conquer the realm of Korean buffet!

We had lunch chit chatting and bonding over steamboat and endless walks to the buffet line to fry delicious marinated meat with the many choices of sauces🌶️.

Our incredible meal was accompanied with a bonding session game of Secret Gifting aka Secret Santa, Guess Who?, Guess The Song and Charades. We played Guess Who? by writing down 3 things anyone doesn’t know about us in a piece of paper, roll ’em then stash in an Eclipse tin container 💁‍♀️ We guessed each of the papers and who guessed first correctly will be able to get their “Secret Santa” gift 🎅🏻. APPARENTLY, Hanis has forgotten that we are doing our Secret Gifting today so, Junee had to dreadfully see everyone gotten their gifts except her 🙁. #DoesThisMeansSheGetsAnExtraGiftDueToLateness😉 #SorryNotSorryHanis #Oopsies

I tell you what, the conclusion that can be made from the Guess Who? game was everyone is at least a little weird in their own unique ways, and that’s what make each of us interesting as a person.

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What’s next? Then, we move on to the next game which is Guess The Song, this time we were divided into 2 team of 3 person each. 1 person was elected as the host, a very simple game where few songs were played for about 3-5 seconds. Since we were in Seoul Garden you can imagine how ‘loud and clear’ the song we can hear. Everyone was struggling to listen to the song and shout the answer as fast as they can. We ended our Korean buffet fiesta with the Guess What game also known as Charade. Hahaha it certainly was hilarious trying to acted the scenes out together while the others guessed especially in front of everyone there 🤣

Right after the second and third round of binge eating and games, we continue the day out with the next activity – MISSION Q also known as the “escape the room” games. It was fun and all until we had to climb up stairs to register at the counter and of course most of us were already out of breath, LOL. Along the hallway to the counter, we can see the wall was decorated with polaroid of previous team with all sort of comments. Some says it was as easy as ABC, just took them 12 minutes to be escaped from the room.

Hold up, the 12 minutes was a time record for Room 1: The Harvest. There were 5 escape rooms in total with different level of difficulties and physical strength needed, each with different story backgrounds. If you are a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, then you should try to go with Room 1. As for us, we are more on the Indiana Jones persona hence why we picked the hardest escape room, Room 5: Tomb of Life & Death (Difficulty rate: 5/5). (The fastest escape time recorded was 30 minute, I know)

Photo credit: Mission Q, Sunway Pyramid

So the 6 of us were separated into 2 groups, a simple briefing by one of the crew. The story goes with us trapped in 2 different room cause one of us somehow pulled a trap, from there in order for us to escape and save our lives is to crack the code by identifying clues, collecting items, solving puzzle and riddles to successfully unlocking the doors. The whole escaping process require the team to communicate and work together as the clues were all over the place.

Oh, we were also given 3 chances to ask for clues within the time of 1 hour. Best part is we only called twice for clues, hiks (proud). Although we didn’t manage to beat the best time which is 30 minutes, we escaped the room within 52 minutes! Tadaaa! It was a day full of fun and awesomeness. I can still feel my body aches and leg cramps, but certainly is worth it! Looking forward for the next Office-Day-Out!

Until then, have a good NEW YEAR 2019 everyone!!

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